Your desire is a perfect expression of your own unique inner self.

Are you willing to face your own desire, to embrace it without judgment and reclaim your pleasure? Are you willing to name your desire and step into a new relationship with yourself and your sexuality?

shutterstock_242640412Humans change constantly. Our awareness expands and contracts and our experience of the world constantly pushes outward as our physical bodies move and shift. As a culture, we are taught to be divorced from our bodies; to experience primarily through the filter of our intellect and to ignore physical, sensual reality. We numb ourselves to pleasure, replacing ease and delight with tension, stress and fear. We train our bodies to respond in restrictive ways based on inadequate models such as pornography or on limited, often biased information about human sexuality.

The result is dissatisfaction, poor relationship boundaries and numbness to living a fully embodied, sensual life. It’s time to wake up to the possibility of pleasure. You can claim your birthright, own your pleasure and explore your bliss.

Take a journey with me. Open to the possibilities you sense deep inside. Name your desire and flourish.


As quoted in People Magazine!