Reclaiming desire

Can lost desire be reclaimed in a stagnant relationship? Absolutely it can. People change over time and relationships often fall into patterns. I think the essential question is “how can I learn to see my beloved’s desire again?” Likewise “how can my beloved see me as I am?” Volumes have been written about this and […]

Erotic Skillz Part 1

I have some “erotic skillz” that I’d like to share. Ways of being alive and awake and sensually engaged. I hope they are useful and that you will be inspired to share some as well.

I love being in my body. The experience of engaging in my senses in the world is yummy and so […]

Erotic Skillz Part 2

In Part 1 I asked you to learn how to “presence,” how to ground yourself in your body and feel stuff.

Once I am adept at being in my body, being present to how it feels to be alive in this place right now, I can begin to explore sensuality. I can bring awareness to […]

Erotic Skillz - Part 4 Developing Sensate Awareness

Stop thinking a minute and just breathe, close your eyes and feel what it’s like to be in your body right now. In the last exercises, I have been asking you to be aware of sensations, now let’s put those skillz to use. I want to share some thoughts about conscious touch and awareness in […]

Have your Cake and Eat It Too!

I LOVE cake and sometimes I eat too much of it. How do I know when to stop eating and just admire the cake? How do you meet your needs for cake and keep healthy…

I have a short answer that is neither simple nor easy.

You meet your needs however you choose to.

I […]

Hooray! I got fired today!

I lost a great client today and I couldn’t be happier!

It’s a bit ironic in my practice that ultimately, my goal with a client is that they fire me. Today my client called me all excited about the new relationship she is starting. “He’s a wonderful man and totally attractive, but we’ve decided to […]

Fun with ass...a response.

In answer to a question about anal exploration with a reluctant partner…

I encourage you to explore anal on your own too. Making friends with your own butt is a wonderfully pleasurable experience and is best the first step. As you learn how to feel there and how to dive into the erotic sensations, you […]