Erotic Skillz Part 1

I have some “erotic skillz” that I’d like to share. Ways of being alive and awake and sensually engaged. I hope they are useful and that you will be inspired to share some as well.

I love being in my body. The experience of engaging in my senses in the world is yummy and so […]

Erotic Skillz Part 3

We are born intensely sensual and sexual creatures. My experience growing up was being taught to hide, ignore or numb out my erotic awareness, to hide arousal and desire and to “be cool” about my sexuality. At some point those teachings failed me and I refused to repress my desire any longer.

At that point […]

Erotic Skillz Part 2

In Part 1 I asked you to learn how to “presence,” how to ground yourself in your body and feel stuff.

Once I am adept at being in my body, being present to how it feels to be alive in this place right now, I can begin to explore sensuality. I can bring awareness to […]

Erotic Skillz - Part 4 Developing Sensate Awareness

Stop thinking a minute and just breathe, close your eyes and feel what it’s like to be in your body right now. In the last exercises, I have been asking you to be aware of sensations, now let’s put those skillz to use. I want to share some thoughts about conscious touch and awareness in […]