Here in my body…

Why is being in our bodies so subversive?

Every day in my work, I ask people to be in their bodies and give them space to explore. In doing that, my clients often find power, self-love, joy, pleasure and all of those in exactly the body they walked in the door with.

It’s all there already, inside you waiting for your attention and awareness to open and wake up. It’s been there the whole time.

And guess what? The more you have lived, the deeper it gets. That’s subversive. That’s throwing conventional wisdom out the window and challenging the Madison Avenue Abercrombie and Fitch “status quo” subversive.

Bodies that tell a story of life and loves and hurt and joy are like reading a great novel. Bodies that have mileage feel more and have more of a context for feeling. Bodies with wrinkles are more interesting because they are more individual.

That’s one of the things I love about my work, I get to read amazing things. I like to read out loud, share what I find, show my passion in exploring. I like to open doors and stand in wonder at what’s inside, what maybe has been hidden for decades, buried behind messages and products and the stuff that accumulates in our lives to distract us from ourselves.

Jean McLaren of the Gabriola Island Raging Grannies taught me a fantastic protest song…

I am here,
here in my body.
I am here,
and all is well.

In my body I have myself without spending a dime. That’s subversive.