What do I do?

I was asked that question, which made me think pretty hard.  What I came up with is this.

In a nutshell, what I do is transform people’s lives by helping them change their relationships to their body and sensuality.

I am a somatic intimacy coach, meaning I provide a wide range of teaching around intimacy and eroticism–which may include coaching, conversations and hands-on work. What that looks like varies from person to person. What my clients are looking for is a deeper relationship with themselves and with their bodies.  As one client put it:

I wanted to embrace the idea of myself as a Goddess, a woman ripe with erotic and creative sensuous energy. Beautiful and alive in that knowledge, regardless of body size or physical beauty, partnered or solo, at my age…I suspected a wild passionate woman lived in my body trapped by convention and 59 years of worrying about what others thought of me… And, through my experiences (with Will)…I did indeed tap into the fullness of who I am as a woman.

Everyone’s journey is personal and unique.  Some come to seminars or do individual coaching on Skype, some choose to see me personally, one on one.  The result is that through regaining the relationship to your body, you reconnect to creativity, to your erotic power, to your life force.

You are your own erotic authority.  I want you to own that!