50 Shades of Fun!

I was interviewed for People Magazine’s series of articles for the opening weekend of 50 Shades of Grey and have now seen the movie twice.  There’s been a lot of hoopla surrounding the film’s portrayal of BDSM, but that’s not what this film is really about. All told there are about 15 actual spanks, flogs, crops slaps and belt smacks, including the infamous “count to six” scene. This film is a straight up old-school bodice ripping bad-boy romance with all of the drama filled codependency that implies.

It baffles me that “50 Shades” is the shot heard ’round the BDSM world. It’s poorly written, the characters are plodding and two dimensional, the sex is ho-hum and the situations implausible at best. Despite its faults, this story has managed to bring “varsity sex” including BSDM and sensation play into mainstream hearts and minds in ways nothing prior has been able to do. For that I am grateful!

If this is what inspires millions of women to imagine something more is possible in their lives than “cheeseburger sex,” then I say you go girls! If this movie gets some men somewhere to do something more than get off and get gone, then I give a hearty THANK YOU! If this is what it takes for sex to emerge into the light again, for people to get playful and curious and have fun in the bedroom, then I am all for it.

The bottom line for me: whatever inspires you to explore your own desires, fantasies and curiosity is a catalyst to transforming your sexual expression. Empower yourself however you wish to become your own erotic authority. Savor everything!