Hooray! I got fired today!

I lost a great client today and I couldn’t be happier!

It’s a bit ironic in my practice that ultimately, my goal with a client is that they fire me. Today my client called me all excited about the new relationship she is starting. “He’s a wonderful man and totally attractive, but we’ve decided to take it slowly with sex to grow intimacy. I feel like I’m bringing a whole new me to this relationship that I’ve never let out before.”

The delight of my time with this woman was nurturing her, watching her step out of patterns that were “protecting” her and into the rawness of self exploration. I saw years of self-limiting behavior open up, I saw tears and hurt and moments of utter despair. I also saw her sitting still and feeling new, delicious sensations as she re-awoke into her younger, innocent child. Finally I watched this amazing goddess integrate all of this and begin to imagine and become a more fully present, imperfect and utterly divine human. I am not at all surprised that she has attracted a man that can meet her, hold her and celebrate her as she is, right now.

I am deeply moved by her transformation. I love the divine goddess that she is and has been the whole time. I’m blessed and grateful to have been present to her awakening!