Sex & Intimacy Coaching

What will I get out of coaching*?

Your sexuality is wholly your own, and as unique as you. It’s your birthright, celebrate it. I’m here to witness; to provide a safe and nurturing environment created just for you. As a certified sexological bodyworker, sexologist, love and intimacy coach, I am trained to support you in uncovering and exploring your desires. Most of us are conditioned to give pleasure and service to others. When was the last time you had hours of attention focused entirely on your pleasure? This experience alone can transform your life.

Whether you are in a sexually unbalanced relationship, in transition from divorce, struggling with body issues or disabilities, I am here to help you open to your desire and to surrender to your sensuality. Many of us experience shame, self consciousness, or the worry that we are not skilled erotically. Others worry about their lack of erotic experience, sexual anxiety or whether or not they are experiencing orgasm. I’m the safe guide to help you open to the truth of your body and learn what it has to teach.

Deepen your connection to your erotic spirit and transform!

  • Overcome sexual shame and guilt
  • Create freedom to enjoy your sexuality
  • Release tension and heal sexual traumas held in your body
  • Expand your capacity for pleasure
  • Connect more deeply with your partner
  • Learn how to give pleasure and loving touch
  • Learn to stay present in states of arousal
  • Explore responses to specific sexual dysfunctions (i.e. difficulty with orgasms, premature ejaculation, difficulty achieving erection)

Nearly everyone I meet is sexually wounded, shamed and disembodied.  Sex in our culture is made into a shutterstock_235810363commodity; a mechanized process of friction and reaction.  The images we see in mass media tell us that sex is wrong, dangerous and messy.  Few people are connected, deeply and passionately, to their own sexuality, their own bodies.  Instead sex becomes a “meal deal” means to take the edge off.

The result is isolation and disconnectedness, dissatisfaction and depression, addictive behaviors and at the extreme, violence.  We crave contact, intimacy and love, but we can’t be present and embodied enough to let it happen.  Instead we grunt and strain at our bodies, clenching and struggling to orgasm and then running away to lick our wounds by gloating or comparing ourselves to our porn star heroes.  Or we withdraw, pull back into our heads and deny ourselves the pleasure of our experiences, suffering through sex to get to the “good part” that never really arrives.  Faced with this, it’s no wonder that we spend more time working and sleeping than in relationship with ourselves and the world around us.

Book a private session and indulge in exquisite attention

I delight in creating a sanctuary where you can enter your own embodied desire at your own pace. My desire is to hold space and witness your unfolding, help you explore your passions, guide and transform your pleasure.

Together, we can explore, laugh and unlock the doors to intimacy, pleasure and full sexual expression. You will return to your life refreshed and invigorated, open and aware of your own divine life force. Your pleasure is your birthright – let’s play!

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“Unlocking Desire” session

Words are a powerful tool of liberation and exploration, and technology has opened new possibilities for exploring. We may use guided meditations and visualizations to allow you to become present to your own sensual self. Begin learning how to feel with intention and how to listen to our body. Learn conscious breathing and presencing techniques that will begin to awaken your senses.shutterstock_236113213

Through these 60 minute sessions, you will learn to journey into the realms of desire at your own pace, in your own time and in your own body. There we can explore desire as your own personal playground, and how to use fantasy as the springboard for erotic exploration.

“Unlocking Desire” sessions also available by phone or Skype!

“Pleasure Mapping” session

Pleasure Mapping sessions average 90 minutes to two hours, and are focused entirely on your desire. I coach using techniques from Tantric and Taoist traditions, Body Electric inspired erotic exploration and my own intuitive expression to open the sacred temple of your sexuality. I also coach using techniques from Sexological Bodywork to help you learn how to access and regulate arousal and erotic energy. If you are seeking a more intense experience I am experienced with bondage and sensation play, and can coach using the tools of Power and Surrender to transport you deep into bliss.

If you wish a more lengthy immersion, I am available for longer VIP visits. Contact me for more information.



*Coaching is not therapy.