bricks7 (2)Through 2016 classes through Seattle’s Foundation for Sex Positive CultureSee their schedule for details.

Private classes or coaching is available at your location on request.  Please contact me through email for details.

August 5-9, 2014 – Genital Gymnastics! at

August 8, 2012 – Unleashing the Power of the Pelvis – Pelvic Anatomy and Sexual Energy at Paradise Unbound near Seattle, WA

This class explores how sexual arousal, breathing and movement can “unleash” your sexual energy. Starting with understanding genital anatomy and using breath and movement, we can open up our sexual engines and reawaken our connection with primal sexuality. We will explore the vastness of erectile tissue, the complexity of nerve pathways and the glory of the various holes that make our pelvic bowls “areas rich with sensational opportunity.” Using breath and movement, we will create conscious connection to our erotic selves. Finally, glowing with delicious erotic charge, we will explore interaction with the world through our erotic selves, bringing the power of the pelvis into our “mundane” lives.

August 9, 2012 – Ass 101 – at Paradise Unbound near Seattle, WA

Are you interested in exploring your back door, but not sure where to start? Start by befriending your bottom! Your bottom is rich with sensational opportunity**, but many of us jump straight into the abyss without learning how to explore comfortably and safely. In this class, we will help you bring awareness to your bottom as an erogenous zone, give you some anatomy and basic cleanliness knowledge, and discuss a host of pleasurable and fun activities!

**Thanks to Nekole Shapiro of Embodied Birth for coining this phrase, it’s awesome!

May 12, 2012 – Discovering Buried Pleasure: a guide to “Women’s Anatomy of Arousal” at the SPARC in Victoria, BC!

“Women have a largely unknown network of structures responsible for arousal and orgasm that even most medical professionals don’t know about.” ~Sheri Winston

Sheri Winston’s fantastic book “Women’s Anatomy of Arousal” is a wealth of information on anatomy and orgasmic abundance. The class uses that resource as a foundation to explore together what “Secret Maps to Buried Pleasure” means. We will use Sheri Winston’s book as a guide to exploring female sexual anatomy and the circuitry that makes exploring women’s pleasure so profoundly enjoyable. You will leave with a more complete understanding of the vulva and anus and the complex structure of the clitoris. Along the way you will learn tips and practices to help you become an “Erotic Virtuoso.”

January 21, 2012 – Sensational Sex – Spanking Good Times at the SPARC in Victoria, BC!

Winter is here and it’s time to spice up your sexy! Does your inner brat crave a spanking? Maybe you’ve looked at floggers and canes but shied away. Sensual play can extend beyond fur and feathers, and learning just a few basic guidelines can give you confidence to expand your sexual fun.

This class will be a guided tour to playing with sensation. There will be hands on coaching for participants who wish to learn how to give a good bare-handed spanking, simple flogging and sensual caning, and tastings are available too. You will learn scene safety and basic BDSM terms, and how to talk about scene construction and flow, giving you a context to use these skills in your own sexy way.

November 18, 2011 – Basic Bedroom Bondage at the SPARC in Victoria, BC!

Love the idea of bondage, but the practicalities have you tied in knots? Want to learn about bondage that you can actually use while you have sex? For a beginner, bondage can seem daunting, but with some simple, practical preparation, simple bedroom bondage can be mastered quickly by just about anyone that can tie their own shoes.
You too can bring bondage fantasies to life. This course will give you the basics from safety to materials, rope and knot selection and placement. You will get hands-on coaching on how to tie some elemental knots, and we will teach you some basic but very “sexable” positions. Finally we will talk about scene construction and flow, giving you a context to use these skills in your own sexy way. Bring a partner or a friend and get a discount!

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