Here in my body…

Why is being in our bodies so subversive?

Every day in my work, I ask people to be in their bodies and give them space to explore. In doing that, my clients often find power, self-love, joy, pleasure and all of those in exactly the body they walked in the door with.

It’s all [...]

Time for ME, opening to sensuality

Next week I am going to the mountains to recharge my spiritual batteries. It’s been a long and challenging summer, and it’s time for me to sharpen my tools. For the past six years I have taken this week to work on myself. I retreat into space held by my community and my teachers and [...]

Back to the Body -

Pamela Madsen of has asked me to join her in creating this fantastic event! November 1st through November 5th, 2012. See a flyer located here for details!

Erotic Skillz - Part 5 Sexual Energy

I was recently at a workshop doing energy and trance work. I am interested in sexual energy and the connection to my essential experience of life…woo woo enough?

Call it tantra and kundalini if you like. It’s the force and connection to the universal that reminds me that I am alive and unique, and at [...]

Wanting and longing

Yesterday was emotionally volatile. Seems like everyone around me was in turbulence and feeling powerfully intense emotions, myself included. Keeping centered and in my body was challenging, and staying present to what was mine and what was theirs was the task of the day. In the midst of it all, a client spoke about wanting [...]

DIS your relationships!

I have a tool that I use to define and create relationships. I coach people to use it to create good boundaries and I want to share it with everyone! Relationships and boundaries are “complex sets of thoughts and emotions bundled together in a confusing way” and fall nicely within my “Desire – Intimacy – [...]

Erotic Skillz Part 3

We are born intensely sensual and sexual creatures. My experience growing up was being taught to hide, ignore or numb out my erotic awareness, to hide arousal and desire and to “be cool” about my sexuality. At some point those teachings failed me and I refused to repress my desire any longer.

At that point [...]