Will is simply an exquisite human being. My time on his table was erotic and sacred and healing for me is ways I didn’t even know I was hurting. He held me in his hands yes, but more importantly, in his esteem. It wasn’t that he saw me as beautiful, so I became beautiful as he looked at me, but rather that he held space and allowed me to see my own beauty, and then joined me in appreciation…It’s been hard to find the words to describe this experience. I am sure it will continue to inform the rest of my life. Thank you for your honestly, your generosity, your authenticity, your love. Tracy from Canada – 2013

Working with Will was phenomenal. I felt like he really keyed into my needs. My experiences with him allowed me to see myself as a whole person- to own all of me, to soften my perception of the parts of me I didn’t like and make me feel like an agent in my own life. I feel more comfortable setting and enforcing boundaries. I no longer feel victimized by other people’s opinions and moods around me after working with you all. I have the right to feel my feelings and drop the stories that have imposed on me for so long and then, move forward in joy. Sarah – 2013

Thank you. I’ve been in terror for a long time of going to the next step of fulfilling my desires and needing to feel and express pleasure. You made it safe, made me feel cared for, and that made it possible for me to step up and heal some wounds I didn’t even know that I had. Thank you. Thank you. Laurie from Ontario – November 2012

I have gotten really clear on the difference between erotic and sexual. And now I feel like I can have all of these things. I couldn’t have before. Katherine from Texas – November 2012

Again I wanted ro tell you how much I enjoyed meeting with you and how that simple connection made a difference in opening up horizons for me… Blessed Be to you and all your works. ~JD Seattle, March 2012

As a women’s sexuality coach, I have had only beautiful experiences working with Will. His high emotional intelligence is only matched by his open heart. I always feel safe referring my clients to work with Will. I know that he is there totally for them, with no outside agenda. He is a fabulous boundary holder, and is able to support women in healing issues of body shame, identifying their desires, working with issues around orgasm and low libido. I literally send clients across the country to work with him – and the feed back warms my heart.

~Pamela Madsen, Integrative Life Coach Specializing in Women’s Issues: Sexuality, Fertility, Body Image, Wellness, and Rejuvenation and author of Shameless: How I Ditched The Diet, Got Naked, Found True Pleasure and Somehow Got Home In Time To Cook Dinner

In my explorations with Will, he was very gentle, very caring, very slow, and “with me” the entire time. He listened to all of me with exquisite attention – my words, body, and breath.

Under Will’s safe and capable care, I let it all out. It was a lot to feel… until it was done. And then there was a deep calm. He checked in to see if I felt complete with the experience, and as he did, I knew that, on a very deep level, I had been rewriting my past: In those “nows,” I had recreated a totally present and authentic experience – where it was totally okay for me to feel all there was to feel in the midst of a very intimate experience.

I am so very grateful to Will for having facilitated the space for my own healing, so that I may play and explore with more ease, presence, and enjoyment. Needless to say, I highly recommend working with him. :)

~ A.J. Seattle, Jan. 2012

Thank you for creating a space for me to explore a new way of being in an area of my life where I had STOPPED feeling and being aware. I see my world in a totally different light. It appears my senses have been reawakened. I cannot thank you enough. Just to BE is huge. Thank you!!! ~Carrie Seattle, Feb. 2011

Overall this was a very hot experience, and also a great learning opportunity for me. I feel that I reclaimed more of my erotic desire and can own it and celebrate it, rather than keep it guiltily in the shadows. I feel empowered and aroused by this desire now, and also have more clarity about the aspects that truly turn me on. Thank you, Will! ~EF San Francisco, July 2011